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File extension ORIG is used to denote an original file, usually when a revised or updated copy is required but the original is kept as a backup. ORIG files are generic, and as such may contain data from any application, thus making it difficult to determine the type or contents without knowing the original extension or examining the file header.

Traditionally, ORIG files are used in software development environments where revised versions of a file are commonplace. Often, the original file extension is left intact and .ORIG is simply appended to the end to mark it as an original backup copy. The advantage to this is that the file can be returned to its original state by removing the extension rather than relying on the user knowing the original file extension. ORIG files are also used on Unix and Linux Operating Systems when patches or updated drivers are applied, allowing users to easily roll back to the previous version in the event that the machine becomes unstable or unusable.

ORIG files are created by renaming a file and either replacing its current extension, or appending ORIG to the end. In Windows, this can be done in Explorer, though "Hide file extensions for known file types" must be unchecked in Folder Options, otherwise ORIG will be placed between the file name and its current extension rather than at the end. Alternatively, files can be renamed using the command prompt in Windows, which can be accessed from the Start Menu.

There is no single application associated with the ORIG file extension, so to open the file the original file extension must be restored. Opening the ORIG file in a text editor and examining the file header may identify the application used to create it originally, though this is impractical, particularly for large files.

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